Decking your homes outdoor experience

Decking is a job that can be seen as a handy-mans dream. However if done incorrectly, it can turn into an expensive exercise. Here at Infinite construction our team is full of qualified tradesmen, giving you nothing but quality, even for your small easy jobs. Listed below are just a few options of decking. We have included a short description of each of these products for your benefit.

  1. Spotted gum- This is a hardwood that comes in two readily available sizes. These are 140mm & 90mm wide (we prefer 140mm). This particular species of hardwood is very characteristic. It is one of the best looking hardwoods if you are after a piece of decking that isn’t plain and simple looking. It costs around $14.50/Lm. 
  2. Merbau- This is another hardwood that derives mainly from South East Asia. It does tend to ‘bleed’ alot. This means it does need to be treated both before and after installation. It is a rather plain looking species of timber compared to the spotted gum. However it comes in at quite a price difference, costing approximately $12.00/Lm. 
  3. Blackbutt- This is another hardwood decking originating from Australia. It is a rather blonde looking timber, even after being stained. It comes 140mm & 90mm in size and costs around $8.50/Lm. 
  4. Treated pine- This is a softwood. It can be seen as the ‘cheap’ looking timber. However it can be painted or oiled and look quite nice. It is substantially cheaper than all of the other hardwoods only costing approximately $5.55/Lm. 
  5. Modwood- One of the newest products to the market. It is a plastic material, this means it has zero maintenance and can be installed without face fixing. This looks very sharp. It can get extremely hot when used in the elements.  

Feature railings

When choosing a railing or balustrade, it can be difficult as there are so many options. To make it easier for our customers we have given you a quick breakdown below:

  • Glass: This looks extremely sharp and slick. One of the best looking balustrade options however it is the most expensive. It can also have a higher maintenance for cleaning to keep it looking as good as it should!
  • Wire: This is one of the cheapest options, whilst still looking very neat. It is stainless steel, so rust is not an issue. However the wires do need to be re-tensioned after the first 6-8 months.
  • Timber: If you are after a simple look at a reasonable price, this is the option for you. Simple but effective! 

Your new outdoor area.