North Avoca resident

We would like to introduce you to Infinite Construction.

We are a building and maintenance business that offers our clients a professional; one stop service for all your construction needs around the home or investment property/s. 

Our unique business model offers qualified trades people on demand with fair pricing. Our experience has proven that securing a reliable tradesperson at a fair price to undertake building and maintenance on the coast has and is, extremely difficult. We have designed a service that gives you a single point of contact that will look after all of your needs. As one of our valued clients Infinite Construction is committed to you. Below, we outline our commitment to you, along with some simple terms:

  • Small renovations, maintenance work, decks, pergolas, fences, balconies, stairs, shelving, cabinets, cladding etc.…
  • We will respond to all calls/emails within 8hrs upon receiving. Emergency call outs will be responded to within 8 hours of notification also. 
  • We will strive to commence all jobs within a month upon receiving full instruction and details.  
  • Any work above $25,000 will be subject to referral. We will source professional trades for any jobs outside our scope. 
  • We will charge an hourly rate of $60.00. This will be charged from the beginning of the job until the end, there will be no deviations in this price. It will also apply to any coordination/ referral tasks. 
  • All materials will be charged at a cost + 10%, however clients may choose to purchase materials directly and simply pay our hourly rate.
  • You will receive a brief, daily update on the progress of your job.
  • 100% qualified carpenters.

We believe there is a genuine opportunity to service a local client base that would value having their own carpenter on call. By limiting ourselves to what would normally be considered small jobs, we believe we can fulfill our commitment to you and offer the highest level of professional value. For us they are not “small jobs”- they’re what our clients need and how we help.

To be a part of our priority client list we require a retainer of $500.00 to be held against future works. The retainer will have no expiry date. It is fully refundable should you wish to terminate the agreement. We understand you may have questions. We will be happy to supply a portfolio of our work for you to view, referees to call, or directly and candidly answer any questions you might have. Attached in this letter is a small portfolio of just a few of our previous jobs. Allow us to do the work you don’t have time to do.


Mitchell Hutton